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Here at Simple Food Trips, we make sure that we have the latest reviews and tips for our readers. We are composed of friends that all appreciate a gopexels-photo-78225-mediumod food when we see one. Driven by this passion, we created this blog.

Simple Food Trips, as the title suggest, caters to the simplest food places, because we believe that the beauty of the food is not on the extravagance of the places, but in the taste and aesthetic of the food itself. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t cover fine dining and high rated restaurants, we still do, because in the end of the day, we aim on to every audience there is, so no one will get left out.

There are tips on where to eat that can not only satisfy your cravings and tummy, but also your wallet. We also review our meals and restaurants that we visited, with unbiased opinions and complete with pros and cons.

Come and eat with us, follow us for the latest reviews that we post just for you. For your inquiries, please do contact us.

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